Three Springs

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What:  This is a place where the aquifer surfaces and pours itself back into the surface version of the river. Plant life unique to springs: Horsetail, watercress, ornamental grasses, etc.  Lots of kids around this area of town love Three Springs because it is not overpopulated and it is sort of a wild place that they can explore and make forts in, and have berry fights without anyone yelling at them There are trails penetrating all over the place. This is a place where an observation shelter was built at some point with some paths and a parking lot for it all, but then funds for maintenance of it probably went dry, so the area grew wild for many years until today it has become an interesting attraction. Unfortunately today there is much vandalism. If we hike there this should be reduced. The joggers, hikers, bikers, dog exercisers, etc that were attracted have created a nice trail that goes all the way to People's Park or the cemetery. The plant diversity down here is something. I have seen weird albino creatures running amongst the bush that I have no idea on. Snakes. Check it out if you are over in that area. Obviously it would be best to visit here in spring or summer. This trail is west of Doomsday Hill road, and there is another interesting trail running parallel on the east of Doomsday Hill road at the top of the hill that overlooks the road. Up on this hill is another park segment filled with trails in a maze. You can make up all kinds of exercise/sightseeing routes for yourself by combining these trails with Doomsday/3springs/the bridge and centennial trail on other side of the river. There is also another trail on the west side of the river that is marked no trespassing, but I notice many bikers/hikers using this trail.

 Where:  If you know where Doomsday Hill is, just go to the bottom of it and park at the parking lot there and hike south on the trail to the covered observation deck. Climb underneath the deck to see the creek that unifies the three springs racing down to the Spokane River. Walk up the spring 25 feet to find the source of the three springs coming out of the Aquifer about 2 yards apart from each other. From downtown take Division north to Indiana and take it west and follow signs to Riverside State Park. When you get to the bridge you will take an exit to Riverside State Park to the right. When you take it, go left at the stop sign (instead of right to the main park entrance) to the parking lot mentioned above. Topological Map

 Cautions:  Many people get careless around the river and find out how easy it is to fall into the fast moving water. Next they learn how hard it is to get out of it. If a person is healthy and can swim you will be able to get out, assuming you do not get caught by a branch or rock formation, by being calm and continuing to work towards shore and grasping a rock and pulling your weight out.

 List:  Take your plant book to identify the wild varieties, Water, binoculars to look for eagles, hawks in the trees (eagles are rare, but present), picnic.