Okanogan Barter Fair

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What:  This is for those who would like to experience hippy, organic, spiritual, anarchy, sustainable living examples or just view some beauty for a day or for a weekend. Okanogan means gathering place and it is like a huge family reunion. No violence was seen to occur. Safe for families. For basic information: Okanogan Family Fair website

 Where:  From Spokane take 395 to Colville and then on to Kettle Falls where you take Hwy 20 West to Republic. From Republic continue on Hwy 20 West towards Tonasket, but after some sharp downhills, and 12 miles before getting into Tonasket, watch for a large sign for the fair and turn right to go up into the hills. It is a short drive up and you will be directed where to park. It costs $5 per adult and they may charge for your dog. 
 Cautions: If you don't like to party all night don't camp out there as you might find it hard to sleep.

 List:  There is lots of healthy food and drink for sale.