Books: General 

 I buy and read lots of books. These are the books I consider to be the more valuable references. To find more books, use the search above.

Delorme Atlas and Gazetteer: These are the  books I never leave home without. They have excellent maps (including topo features), as well as a wealth of other information. They lacks detail of the less scaled maps, but definitely inspire one and get one out of the places you might find. Be careful not to rely too heavily on it being totally up-to-date. There is one for almost every state now. Washington Idaho Oregon

Cold Comfort: by Glenn Randall. It is a total waste to wait through winter for the nice comfortable adventuring weather. Besides the summer is too hot for serious adventure. Use this book to get confidence to hike, paddle, bike, etc all year long. I could never keep up with all the areas I want to explore without being active all year. Layering is covered completely.

GPS Made Easy: by Lawrence Letham. I don't go anywhere I haven't been before without a GPS. I don't rely on them, but they can be indispensable to getting out of the woods or aiming across a set of canyons or getting across a complex tide pattern in an efficient manner. This book makes a frightening technology seem simple.

Four Wheeling in the BC Interior:  by Mark Bostwick. Personally I only use my 4WD to get to the places I want to photograph, bike, hike, paddle, but sometimes the getting there is more fun than the goal itself, and more and more I respect the skills of 4WDriving. See Climbing South Baldy.

The Morrow Guide to Knots: by Mario Bigon and Guido Regazzoni. Everything seems to go better when you use the correct knot! Good pictures, easy to understand.