Books: Hiking 

 I buy and read lots of books. On hiking these are the best I have found over the years. I cannot guarantee these are the best for you, but at least you will not get a total loser here. If the topics don't relate to you, use the search above to find other hiking books.

Hiking Washington's Geography: by Babcock and Carlson. Washington state has some really interesting geological features. This book takes you to them, and explains what formed them. Spokane's Dishman Hills area is included, as is Palouse Falls.

Mountaineering (The Freedom of the Hills): by Graydon & Hanson, Editors. This is the book for people getting started in Mountaineering. It answers almost all your questions. The uses of ice axe and crampons, safety, weather, what to bring etc.

100 Hikes in the Inland Northwest: by Landers and Dolphin. This is a quality book about hikes in our favorite area. 34 pages on hiking planning & other considerations and discussing the other areas around us that have hiking potential. Black & white photos, maps, and great detail. The details were collected over the years by the Spokane Mountaineers. Very valuable reference.

55 Hikes in Central Washington: by Spring and Manning. This book has some really great hikes, in areas that are often overlooked. Two hikes that were a direct result of this book are: Dusty Lake and Crab Creek. The directions and descriptions are precise.

Pacific Northwest Hiking: by Judd & Nelson. Features the best 1000 hikes in Oregon and Washington. This is a thick book with no photos, but lots of details on scenery, wildlife, trail difficulty, maps and more. Out of all our books, we use this a lot because if we hear about a hike and then need more detail this book has the best chance of having it mentioned and the detail is good. One major interesting feature is that it does list wheelchair facilities if they are available, so if you need to get there by some sort of wheelchair this book would be invaluable.

Hot Showers, Soft Beds, and Dayhikes in the Central Cascades: by Sally O'Neal Coates. Two books in one! 78 dayhikes are covered, as well as lodging & dining nearby. The hike descriptions are excellent, and have difficulty ratings. Lodging charts make it easy to compare facilities and prices.

Campfire Stories... Things that go  Bump in the Night: by William Forgey, MD. Really scary stories to take along on your next overnight expedition.