Books: History 

 I buy and read lots of books. On area history these are the best I have found over the years. I cannot guarantee these are the best for you, but at least you will not get a total loser here. If the topics don't relate to you, use the search above to find other area history books.

Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest: Maps of Exploration and Discovery: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Yukon: by Derek Hayes. A collection of 320 original maps by the explorers who first charted the Northwest.

Voyage of a Summer Sun: by Robin Cody. This is the log of a paddle trip from the source of the Columbia River to its mouth. Mainly it is knowledge of  the river. I really enjoyed it.

Sources of the River: by Jack Nisbet. This is mainly a biography of David Thompson interspersed with the author's travels through David Thompson's trails. This is for the more serious student.

Kirtland Cutter: by Henry C. Matthews. Architect in the land of Promise or in the land of gold, silver, and the great outdoors. Credited with rebuilding the city of Spokane after a devastating fire, Kirtland Kelsey Cutter was a renowned architect in the Northwest in the early years of the 20th century. His influence was as far-reaching as England, and he lived and worked his final years in California. Henry Matthews presents a comprehensive study of the whole body of Cutter's work. 265 illustrations.

It Happened in Washington: by James A. Crutchfield. Great book about some of the events that shaped Washington as it is today. Suitable for adults or students.

Washington State Place Names: by Doug Brokenshire. This book not only tells you how to pronounce Puyallup, it tells you what it means! (Named after an Indian Tribe, pronounced "pyoo-AL-lup.") Not just definitions, there's the history that goes along with the names. A great resource that will enhance your knowledge of state history.