Books: Nature 

 I buy and read lots of books. On Northwest nature these are the best I have found over the years. I cannot guarantee these are the best for you, but at least you will not get a total loser here. If the topics don't relate to you, use the search above to find other northwest nature books.

From Earth to Herbalist: by Gregory Tilford. This is probably the best native plant book I've seen. Beautiful color pictures, in-depth information on how to gather & use native herbs. Did you know that the ubiquitous arrowleaf balsamroot is as effective as echinacea? Tilford spends a lot of effort educating the reader in how to gather and grow responsibly. A must if this is an area that interests you.

Living with Native Plants: by Keating and Stiley. This book has pen and ink sketches of the plants, their leaves, and berries if applicable. Information is terse but accurate and includes propagation methods and wildlife habitat information

Trees, Shrubs, & Flowers to Know in Washington & British Columbia: by Lyons & Merillees. Keyed by color and then photos and then by name, this book opens a world of further involvement with the eviron that you hike, bike, paddle through.

Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: by John and Geri McPherson. Teaches versus simply entertaining. 700 photographs. Each chapter written as a complete book. Buckskin, fire, meat, cooking, deer, containers, tools, shelters.

Roadside Geology of Washington: by David Alt and Donald W. Hyndman. Great book to bring along; it explains the geological features you can see from your car window.

Critters of the Little Spokane Watershed: by Easy. Well-done book w/lots of black & white photos and tables. You won't believe how many "critters" are in this area!

Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year: by James Luther Davis. Tells you where and when to go, to view natural events in Oregon, Washington & BC.  For example, July lists: Mountain Wildflowers, Tide Pools, Mountain Goats, Summer Salmon & Trout, & Bats.