Bowl & Pitcher

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 What:  History, Hiking, Mt biking, horse riding, small boating, picnicing, & photography.

 Where:  From downtown Spokane just go towards the river and then south until you see signs. More specifically go the the intersection of Indiana and Division and go west until getting onto NW blvd and then watch for signs.
N 47 41.48' W 117 29.48' Topological Map

 Cautions:  Very safe area generally, but you could get lost if you don't pay attention. Watch the river and go to it if you get lost, then pick the correct direction to your destination from there.

 List:  Picnicking food. Books and find a lonely peak where you can be all alone. Plant books identifying local species especially in spring. Binoculars for spotting Herons, Eagles, etc. Metal detectors will get you thrown out. Email Us