Spokane Red Brick Streets

In a number of sections of Spokane the streets were paved with red brick. These were made of a particular kind of clay and formed in a special way to be very hard and water repellant which was important in this climate of freezing and thawing cycles. The bricks weighed as much as eleven pounds a piece. Grand Boulevard was bricked in 1909, South Monroe and Lincoln Streets in 1910, and 5th Avenue in 1911.

A few of the places where brick streets can still be seen are: south Howard between 21st and 23rd, West 5th Avenue at Jefferson to Adams, 6th Avenue and Cedar, and South Coeur d'Alene Street in Browne's Addtion.

From: Exploring Spokane's Past, by Barbara F. Cochran

This is Fifth Ave. running into Cedar at the old house