Browns Lake 

 What:   Fly-fishing only, hiking, mountain-biking, history, wildlife as in salmon knowledge, see interpretive trail on main trail, 1 mile in. This is a small lake although it connects with a small sister lake, and so isn't quite big enough for exploring, but maybe for testing your boat and skills it is great. No boats with motors allowed on this lake.

 Where:  Use Hwy 2 North to go past Eloika Lake, and before Diamond Lake take 211 North. This lake is near the beautiful area around the city of Usk which is on the Pendoreille River. At Usk cross the bridge to the East side of the river but do not take the immediate left onto LeClerc Creek Road. You are immediately in the Kalispel Indian Reservation so be respectful that it is a separate nation with some separate values that need to be respected. Ask for photograph of natives etc. Continue east until you see signs to Brown's Lake using fire road 5030. Use Washington state map or as detailed a map as you can find to help to get to this lake or just ask at Usk for directions. Topological Map 

 Cautions:  At the right time of year I have heard you can see returning salmon going under the interpretive bridge.

List:  Bring water