Columbia Plateau Trail

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What:  A 1908 Railway corridor built by James J. Hill the Empire Builder linking Spokane to Portland and Seattle that has been converted to usage for Bicycles, Horses, and Hikers from Spokane to Martin Road which is nearly all the way to Sprague. Restrooms at all trailheads. Trail allows one to get in close to basalt structures. Trail condition varies from asphalt to rough, but mostly is a somewhat soft gravel surface that is very smooth and not hilly. This last surface is great for horses, hikers, and okay for bikes, but is somewhat gluey and riding can be slow due to this. Ride any one section that you are interested in. See scenery types below.

Spokane to Fish Lake: 10 miles: scenery: varietous;

Fish Lake to Cheney: 3.75 miles: scenery: hilly;

Cheney to Amber Lake: 11.75 miles: scenery: some basalt w/ponds and lakes;

Amber Lake to Martin Road: 7.5 miles: scenery: basalt structures, deer;

Other Information: Columbia Plateau History, Head Trail Ranger: 509-646-9218, Local Ranger Area HQ: 235-4696 or 549-3551

 Where:  See Link above for Spokane to Fish Lake to use trail from North to South. To use the trail from the South and to arrive at the end in Spokane near downtown, take I-90 Southwest to Sprague exit 245 and from there signs for the Columbia Plateau Trail which will take you fairly directly to the Martin Road trailhead.
 Cautions:  Bring lots of water since this is hot in summer. This is a good trail for winter if there is no snow and weather is warm enough for you. Horses are only allowed on non-paved parts of trail. Horses are allowed on the part of the trail from Martin Road to Cheney. Horses have the right of way.

 List:  picnic (no food sources nearby), water, camera.