Dalles Dam Petroglyphs

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 What:  This is one of the largest panels of famous petroglyphs with one pictograph. Here you can see the famous Spedis owl petroglyphs, a large elk, demons, lizards. Very interesting Rock Art. Take the tour on a train if you have the time to get more interpretation. Why was there such an incredible variety of art in this one place? Because it was a major trading site for tribes from great distances to trade their things for the salmon. Salmon were so plentiful here that they were used to fuel fires and even to build buildings with. The Spedis Owl was a symbol of the Spedis tribe. It meant: If you follow our rules you may live among us and share everything that we have. Stop at Multnomah falls along the way, or go over to Maryhill Rockart or Maryhill Museum

 Where:  From Spokane take I90 to Ritzville, then 395 to Pasco, then follow signs to Umatilla or Hermiston, and then take 84 West to Dalles. About a four hour drive from Spokane. When you get close to Dalles Dam you can either take the dam exit and drive in the gate even though it says no entrance, or go to the visitors exit which is the next one and take the tour on a train which looked interesting, but I didn't have the time for it. Once inside the gate go downhill to the fishladders a cement structure and you will see a hundred foot line of stones with art. Then go back a little ways to the park and at its entrance is another large piece with a turtle. Then on the other side of the park see if you can find the last large vertical piece. 

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