Dishman Hills Recreation Area

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 What:  Hiking good enough to get lost in, and just 2 miles from downtown. 450 acres of nearly pristine wildlands. This is Spokane's wilderness version of New York's Central Park, with rocks, landforms, & vegetation the way they were before civilization hit. Good place to practice compass or gps work though you must have a 12 channel gps as there are many dense tall trees. This area is highly restricted: no mt-bikes, no horses, no rollerblades, no rock climbing, no handicap amenities, etc. I know many think rock climbing is okay here, but the ranger assured me that it was not. Good place for dogs and kids. Enjoy ponds, cliffs, ravines, the huge skull at Enchanted Ravine and numerous high points with views. Find the outcroppings of ancient granite in the Enchanted Ravine. This ravine is deep enough to be relatively sheltered from the sunlight, there exists a moist microclimate allowing thicker vegetation to develop. Thus a lot more birds and other animals can be seen and heard if you walk quietly. You could see deer, raccoon, coyotes, and 100 species of birds. Also there are nice facilities available here for having meetings, weddings, etc. Call 477-4731 for rental details or other information. Here is another great site called the Dishman Hills Project. This site also has a map that you can print and take with you. You may take a virtual hike of the area here also. I especially liked the research page. It seemed to me that these k12 kids spent their whole year on this it is so well done. They must have some great teachers there.

 Where:  Drive east on Sprague and take a left on Sargent road. Go into the park and hike.
Topological Map

 Cautions:  Park has maps available. Don't go in without a map or you will be lost soon with the plethora of trails and hills. Stay on the trails here. There is no potable water availabe en route, so bring lots of water in case you get inspired by this myriad of trails.

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