Doomsday Ridge Trail System

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 What:  Biking/Hiking trail system for year round usage (except during deep snow crust or sheet ice conditions) within one mile of downtown Spokane. This trail rides a ridge above the Doomsday Hill race route with great view of the Riverside State Park. It is not as large a trail system as some on South Hill or Riverside State Park, but it is more extensive than most people know and it connects via the bridge to the whole State Park system of trails. It is good for exercise and polishing of skills  for mtbikers since it has tricky trails and lots of ups and downs. Near the trail's beginning, near a Ponderosa Pine there is a fish pond that is nice to look at in the summer. Hug the cliff or ridge edge until you come to a Y (which is photographed on the linked page). Take the right downhill branch as the other is too wild for a first try. Go slow down this the first time until you can gauge the trail against your skills. At the bottom, curve right and look for a green grass trail heading downhill into the forested valley. This trail is photographed also. Take this trail down and then up taking all the main right turns that come up and you will emerge where you could ride the Nettleton street back to your car or continue back up the trail or try other trails around the area that you will see along the route I have given you here. This is only an introduction to this system which I still get lost in after 8 months of riding in it. If you take trails more downhill and north you will arrive at the bridge which has a nice guarded bike/hike lane that takes you over to the Centennial Trail which connects to all the great Riverside State Park trails mentioned elsewhere in this site.

 Where:  From downtown, go north on Division street and take a left on Indiana, then follow it as it turns into Northwest boulevard. Stay on Northwest Blvd until it crosses Maple St. and the about three blocks look for Belt St right before a Chevron station. Take a left on Belt and go three blocks to Carlisle. Take a right turn onto Carlisle and go west until it dead ends at a white railing which you may park along. The trail begins at the north end of the white railing. Head north.

 Cautions:  Many people walk their dogs here so watch to not upset them with excess speed or recklessness. They rarely get in my way at all.

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