Grassy Top/Shed Roof Trails

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 What:  Mainly this is a moderate hike loop of length 15 miles. The trail is two-rut road with fairly overgrown sections. Both are good hikes in that they start high and stay high so you get views that you usually would have to work hard for. The Grassy Top trail would be good for mountain bikes with its two rut road trail. There are acceptable places to camp along the way every few miles, and there are some very good camping spots. One can hike as long as one feels like here and turn back at any time or go the whole way, but Grassy Top trail does not go all the way to the top, just around the mountain. If you want to go to the top of Grassy Top, go 3 1/2 mile into the trail, and you will see a widening, hear a large stream, and see an alternate fainter trail going up to the left. That goes to the top though it would be a steeper challenge. Just to drive up to these trailheads will be enough fun, sightseeing, and adventure for many. The road is in very good shape and gives incredible views. 

 Where:  From Spokane go North on Hwy 2 toward Newport, but take 220 before Newport and go north along the west side of the Pend Oreille River all the way to Metaline Falls, but instead of going into town go north along Hwy 31 to Sullivan Lake on East Sullivan Lake Road. At Sullivan Lake you will see Forest road 22 clearly marked. Take it six miles to the place where 2220 goes left, a small two rut road goes straight and 22 goes right. Stay right on 22 and go another 6 miles to the Trailheads. The first one on the left is Shed Roof Divide Trail, and the second one a half mile further is Grassy Top on the right. Both have adequate parking. The first trailhead for Shedroof Divide is at:
N 48 48.391' W 117 08.792'
The second trailhead for Grassy Top is at:
N 48 48.680' W 117 10.174'

 Cautions:  Be sure to bring water filtration so you have plenty of water. Be sure to bring insect repellant. Watch for bears. Call the Colville Nat'l Forest, Sullivan Lake Ranger District at 509-446-2691 for current trail info.

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