Hangman Bridge
(linking east Centennial Trail with west Centennial Trail)

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 What: I don't know if this bridge has a formal name or not, but because of its location I've given an informal one. This beautiful new bridge finally links the 2 parts of the Centennial Trail so that people from the city can venture out into the wilds of Riverside State Park all the way to Nine Mile Falls which is the Western extremity of the trail. People living by Riverside State Park can ride into town on the trail and to the Eastern normal extremity which is Coeurdalene. Also people living North of the river can use the trail to get to the Highbridge Park Disc Golf course.  Descending down from the northwest side to the bridge is a very smooth and looping downhill ride as I tried to show in the lower picture.
 Where: Crosses the Spokane River just east of where Hangman Creek enters the main river.

From downtown, cross the bridge and climb the blacktop trail. When you get to the top, travel along the nice view of Summit Blvd all the way around to either Petit Drive (Doomsday Hill) or use Belt street to get to the T. J. Meenach bridge which takes you to Bowl and Pitcher, or the system of trails above it, or all the way to Nine Mile Falls to Stick in the Eye trail.

Also, at the top of Petit Drive you can take a right to Belt and go up it to Carlisle Street and take a left to the dead end. There there is a trail between a garage and a cliff rail that has nice single track options all the way down to the bridge. This route is highly suggested as your route to the bridge as it is an interesting set of trails I call Upper Doomsday Hill Trails.

All the above mentioned trails and more are mapped here: Riverside State Park Trails  Official Centennial Trails Site

Then when going back take the Petit Drive uphill as an easier option for returning.

 List:  Picnics, Camera, Binoculars.