Highdrive Bluff

 What:  Great mountain bike single-track shared with hikers and dogs. Length of run is about 4.5 miles with numerous offshoot trails. Quality switchbacks, good climbing training site. Up & down en repeatio. Be careful to not ruin the switchbacks. Also there are some great berms there. A neat trail system above the new Qualchan Golf Course.

 Where: From downtown go south on Maple until it turns into Highdrive and continue on this road until you hit Bernard and then park on the right. Take different trails steeply down.

 Cautions:  Watch for other riders, hikers, dogs coming the other way fast. At the danger of repeating myself, be careful with the switchbacks as they take a lot of effort in the off seasons to bring them back into condition. My wife, a beginner biker went on this and had no difficulties even though she had to hike-a-bike a lot. Both of us were very tired after 2 hours of riding. Many of these trails are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young unexperienced children along unless you want to teach them about how to hike-a-bike at the right times.
 List:  Water.