Ice Harbor Pictographs

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 What:  Pictographs or paintings on rocks by local Indian tribes. Swimming, paddling, hiking. 
 Where:  Take I90 to Ritzville and then take signs to Pasco. Near Pasco take Hwy 12 over the Snake River on a bridge and then look for Hwy 124 to Burbank Heights. Keep going until you see the sign for Ice Harbor Dam or go a little further and use Charbonneau Park road to go down to the river and then you will see the dam and there is a road along the river that will take you to the Indian Memorial where the huge rock is with the pictographs. If you want to see the original site of the rock, you can use Fishhook Park road which is just a little further than Charbonneau and follow it past Vista Hermosa settlement to the very small town of Page which has one water tower and two small buildings. Leave your car at the Tower before the No Admittance sign and hike or bike away from the river on the railroad track on the maintenance road for the track. When the road ends you will see the site. If you go down the track a ways, you will see beautiful cliffs of ever varying shapes.
N 46 19.43.8'  W 118 44.345'
 Cautions:  Tours are only available April through October. Extreme rattlesnake habitat. Call Richard Davis, ranger, 509-767-1159 for a reservation way ahead if possible. 

Rock Art Rules & Law

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