Indian Canyon Falls

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 What:  Very excellent Hiking/Photography/History: The favorite winter campsite of the Spokanees tribe. Where Chief Garry lived the last days of his life in his teepee. There was more water flowing over the falls in the past before agricultural uses diminished it.  Pallisades is a group dedicated to protecting this area.

 Where:  We read about this area for years before finding it. Many people do know about this, but most do not. From the Monroe Street Bridge, go south to Main and turn right. Take Main West past Peaceful Valley which is always worth driving through. Stay on roads closest to the river for the best views. Go past the nudist beaches until you come to Government Way. Turn right on Government Way. Turn from Government Way almost immediately left onto Greenwood and go up the hill being sure to take the left turn that comes up fairly soon onto Indian Canyon Drive. Continue up the hill about .7 miles until seeing a dirt road to the right. There is a locked gate blocking entrance. Do not park in front of this fire gate, but there is room for 2-3 cars to park about 100 feet to left of gate. You can walk down the trails from here. You will see a canyon on your right. Go listen to the falls if you can't see it to give confidence of its whereabouts at the head of the canyon. Walk downhill on trails on the east side of the canyon to where this canyon may be entered safely as it is way too steep here. You will hike for about ten minutes before you see the trail descend into the canyon. Now the trail will take you back to the falls after some slow walking. Slow because the trail crosses a small stream, rocks, ledges, sticker bushes etc. It is fairly safe if you go slow. Enjoy, but be sensitive here as it is a delicate environment because of the small flow of water. 80kMap.

 Cautions:  Please do not climb the ice waterfall in winter and tear it up, as many of us go there to see its beauty.

 List:  I feel a camera is good here as it is different looking. Gaters might be good in summer when it tends to get overgrown.Email Us