John Wayne Trail

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 What:  You can hike or bike or horse ride, but it seems mostly biking is what is being done here. This trail goes from North Bend to the Columbia River. With some more (planned) additions, it will soon stretch all the way to Coeur d'Alene or Tekoa. It allows you to start any where you have a curiosity for. You can go through  rainy passes, dark forests, a military test area of extreme desert, or swamps.  The trail is hard gravel, and nearly level, so is suitable for even novice riders. Mountain bikes do better than road bikes on this surface.
There are no fees associated with the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, but to cross the Yakima Firing Range, you do need to sign in at a kiosk on each end. Most trailheads have restrooms and water available; Hyak (at the Snoqualmie Summit) even has showers.
Going through the tunnel at Snoqualmie is very thrilling as there is no interior lighting. At 2.3 miles,it is the longest tunnel open to non-motorized travel in the US. When you first go in your flashlight or bike light is just a pitiful white spot that only tells you that there is not a wall directly in front of you. You must have faith on a bicycle that you won't hit a rock or a wall in the black as you stare at the white speck2.3 miles away. Boy does it feel good when you come out the other end. After the first time you get used to tunnel riding and it is easier by far, but keep in mind that if a tunnel curves, there will be no light at all for a distance making the going breath-takingly fearful.

For twenty more photos, and my story of the most fun section for me click here for Army West/East Trail.

 Where:  Due to the complexity of this trail system we feel that the brochure that is now available is a requirement for navigating the many trailheads. Get it by going to Two Wheel Transit on 1st avenue, Spokane or by calling this telephone number: (360)902-8844 The map lists all the trailheads and which exit to take for each one.

 Cautions:  Call (800) 233-0321 to make sure your section isopen this time of year. (The Snoqualmie Tunnel is open May 1- Oct 31, dependingon weather.) Bring lots of water in any desert section in summer. Isuggest doing these desert sections in spring or fall as it is too hot in summerto enjoy fully.

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