Kennewick Petroglyphs

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 What:  Petroglyphs that are deep carved versus patination chipping. Large arrowhead collection with other interesting items.  The name of the city, Kennewick, means in Indian language, Winter paradise. There is rarely any snow, even though it is far north of Oregon where much snow falls, and if some falls it melts the same day.

 Where:  From Spokane take I90 to Ritzville and then 395 to Pasco/Kennewick, then take signs to Lewis street and go over the cable bridge into Kenenwick. Turn right immediately after bridge onto Columbia Drive and go about one mile to a left turn at a major stop light intersection onto Washington and then go a few more blocks and take a right on 1st avenue, go a few more blocks and take a left on Dayton Street and the museum is across the street from Kamiakin Highschool where I graduated and never knew that Kamiakin was an Indian chief important to the area's history.

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