Kila, Montana

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 What:  This rock art is famous for its rendition of the Buffalo, the horse, and the different renditions of the human form. There are two sites with hundreds of images. The two sites are within a quarter mile of each other on one beautiful cliff system that would be worth hiking if you have the time.

 Where:  From Spokane take I90 to CoeurdAlene but instead of taking city exits take the exit to Hwy 95 to Sandpoint and go right through the city of Sandpoint to stay on 95 to Bonners Ferry. This will take you about 2 hours to reach. Then watch for signs to Hwy 2 East to Kalispel. You will reach Kila before Kalispel, but you don't even have to go into Kila as the rock art sites are about 3 mile before Kila and about 13 miles before Kalispel. Use the mileage signs with your odometer to gauge when you are within a few miles and then be looking sharply on your left for the cyclone fences at small gravel parking areas as there are no signs, but remember, if you miss the first, you won't miss the second and then it is easy to find the other. Look for this nice small little valley with nice hills off to the right with no farms and you will find it easy, but the main tipoff is the wild cliffs on your left that are flat and waiting for artwork.

 Cautions:  Rules & Law

 List:  picnic (no food sources nearby), water, camera.Email Us