Mt. Kit Carson

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 What:  This is one of the close mountains around Mt. Spokane that is especially beautiful. It is very grand to stand at the top of the jumbleof rocks that make up the peak of this mountain. Hiking along the Paradise Ridge is a must see at least once in your life. Especially when the Bear grass is in bloom or when the fog is wafting through the ghost trees.

Mountain Bike single track around peak/ridge: See separate ride page.

Mountain Bike single track down: See separate ride page.

Picnics up here are grand, and the exercise is not too extreme as one could walk the entire loop in one hour with no stops.

Photography on this mountain is great and it seems every time I have come up here things look very different. Very different at each time of the year. Very different every year. Once I thought I was on a distant planet as the bear grass was above my head. Walking below it was wierd.

The fog can make the Ghost trees spookily abound here.

Bear grass is beautifully plentiful here if someone hasn't harvested it as in 1996.Help us watch for this travesty as only Native American Indians can legally take this plant from the State park.

 Where:  After passing the ranger station which is right after the lodge/resort, watch for a metal gate with a little parking room. This is the lower gate and then just before the absolute top of Mt Spokane there is another metal gate with some parking and this is the top gate for the road that circles Mt Kit Carson. You'll probably have to walk as these gates are locked probably due to the expense of grading them each year to keep them safe for cars. They are always good for hiking and Mtbike. SeeMtbike single track around above for trail details.

 Cautions:  Call the ranger before going to hike this aslower gates will be locked until snow is clear and it is a long hike from the lower gate.

 List:  Lots of water as people tend to get involved here and the drive back takes a while.Email Us