Long Lake Pictographs

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 What:  Pictographs or paintings on rocks by local Indian tribes. Red pictographs occur on granite cliffs and a separate boulder on a wide terrace above the Spokane River. The site is on the north side of the road between the towns of Tumtum and Ford. In group A there exist 5 anthropomorphs, 2 being phallic, one with vacuous head and body, and one with vacuous head only. Several series of vertical dashes are present. Two large circles contain various figures, one containing a deer or elk. Another quadruped shows a long snout. Group B is found behind the boulder housing Group A up on the cliff a short ways. A large oval figure here containing many elements inside it is probably the largest single pictograph figure in the state. A number of lines bisect this oval and two circles are incorporated into the design.  To the right of this figure is a quadruped enclosed in a circle.

Shortly after this site was placed on the National Register in 1976, an area resident spray-painted over the figures and was arrested for this act. This is probably the only case in which a person has been apprehended for damaging rock art in this state. The site was later restored and high chain link fences placed around the pictographs.

Hiking, views. 

 Where:  From Division go north to Francis and go west on Francis all the way to a little way before the Long Lake dam. It is about 20 miles. If you see the dam you have passed the pictographs by a few miles. The state park is right after the pictographs and before the dam.

 Cautions:  Take the trail to the left of the large rocks. Unless you are trained in rock climbing the direct face of the rocks gets more dangerous the higher up you go.Rules & Law

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