McCroskey State Park

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 What:  Virgil T. McCroskey donated in the nameof his mother, Mary Minerva McCroskey these lands for the enjoyment of all the people. He sold his pharmacy and his father's farm which he had inherited to get the money to buy this ridge and Steptoe Butte which he had spent his youth looking at while working on the farm. He traveled wide and climbed Rainier and Hood, but still thought this ridge to be very admirable. When he tried to give it to the state of Idaho, they accepted on the condition that he provide $500/year and maintain the park himself. He laboured endlessly until his death at age 93 in 1970. The drive winds through forests with occasional kaleidoscopic viewpoints, across the Palouse farmlands to Steptoe Butte and Kamiak Butte.There are very few "improvements" to this land, although there are over 30 miles of multi-use trails. (Multi-use meaning horses, hikers, mtn bikers, & ORVs). Keep watching for wildlife; on our first visit we saw a wild turkey and a mama & baby black bear. The 22 mile route took us over 2 hours. The trails for mountain bikes and horses seems endless here, though the road was fun enough for me and my mtbike. The Corinth trail is shown on maps that are available throughout the drive. One person could leave you off at the upper trailhead and pick you up at the bottom trailhead. Just look out for motorcycles. On Memorial weekend we only met one trail bike and one pickup on the whole route. There was no one camping on the whole ridge that we could see. What a great place to get away from it.

 Where:  There are many ways to get to the beginning of Skyline Drive. The way we chose was to head south at the Pines exit, and take Hwy 27 to Tekoa. At Tekoa, take the Tekoa- Farmington Road south. Skyline Drive begins just before you reach Farmington N 47 07' 382", W 117 04' 29"About 2.5 miles, you will need to cross a road (marked Stateline Rd) and turn right up thehill. The road stays just barely wider than one car, so take it slowly & be prepared to pull off.. After about 4.5 miles there is another major intersection. Look for the sign to US95 and follow it to the left to stay on Skyline Drive Road. The other end starting point (see map with photos above) is at: N 47 2' 991" W 11651' 942"

 Cautions:  I wouldn't do this before June as the road isdirt and mud could make it bad. RVs are not recommended on this road, and it may be too rough for your family car in places near the Farmington end. A 4WDrive vehicle is great fun here though as there are any number of trails of varying roughness taking off every500 yards. Viewpoints galore.

 List:  Camera, Water, binoculars, picnic, walkie talkies. Email Us