Minnehaha & Boulder Beach

 What:  Rock climbing, hiking, swimming, road bicycling, rollerblading, mountain biking higher in the hill above the rocks, etc. This area provides some double track for climbing, sweet single track with banked corners, serious rocky drops, and even some bmx type jumps. There are too many trails here to explore in just one adventure.
 Where:  On north side of Spokane river, north of downtown about 4 miles. From Downtown take Division to Mission and then turn right and go to Mission park and take a left onto Upriver drive at WWP which goes all the way.
 Cautions:  Swim here only in hottest part of summer. Many of these higher up trails are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young unexperienced children along unless you want to teach them about how to hike-a-bike at the right times.
 List:  Rock climbing gear, Bicycle.