Seven Mile to Bowl & Pitcher Mt Bike Trail 

 What:  Varying degrees of difficulty on trail that stays next to river. Good length, can't get lost, interesting, and easy to combine with other trails to create entirely singletrack courses for your enjoyment.
 Where:  From Division, go west on Francis to 7 Mile road. Turn left on 7 Mile and take first left after crossing the Spokane river. Park in the circle parking area at the end of Aubrey Parkway. Go south looking for the trail next to the river. Goes all the way to Bowl & Pitcher.
 Cautions:  : There is a section called Little Vietnam near Dragon's Toenails that is incredibly rocky. This is a very short section. Either walk your bike or keep your momentum over this. This area is dangerous for the non-expert. Many of these trail sections are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young unexperienced children along unless you want to teach them about how to hike-a-bike at the right times. Remember you may need bug juice to even stand still here.