MTB Trails near Bowl & Pitcher 

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Trail Photos

NOTE: area 39 is the Aubrey Parkway circular parking lot, my favorite place to park.

The relative heights of these 4 levels vary radically along their length which makes peddling interesting. Also at places level1 is the most interesting place to ride. At another place, level2 can be much more interesting than the others. And the same with level3 or level4. Near Bowl and Pitcher levels 1, 2, and 3 are interesting and level 4 has private property right up to the edge. Little Vietnam is level1, Dragon's Toenail is level2, Top of Cliff Trail is level3, and Aubrey Parking circle is at level4. Further north level 4 becomes interesting for its ups and downs with lots of challenging rock, but of course also for its views. Also there is a fifth level a ways behind the fourth, but there is private property barring most access.

You can't get lost here as you can always head downhill towards the river and you will always hit Aubrey White Parkway. From there you can use the posts marked with the numbers 36 through 39 to get you back to wherever you started. Firegate 39 is Aubrey Parkway parking loop which is the best overall place to park that I've found for this area. It is patrolled and I feel my car is very safe. The way I understand these trails is this. There are roughly 4 elevation levels from the river to the highest cliff. The river is level one. Aubrey White Parkway is on top of the first cliff. The high Intersection is on top of the next higher cliff. The last level which is at ORV area is the last and highest except for the fifth which is a ways west of the ORV. You are pinched between the highest cliff and the river, so you can't get lost, but you can have so much fun that you may not believe it. We lived by Riverside State Park for 20 years and didn't know that these trails were there. To get to Aubrey White Parkway parking loop, go to Spokane Falls College and go West to Government Way and then go north on Government Way about a mile till you reach the Aubrey White Parkway road on the right. N 47 41' 145" W 117 29' 708"

I have not listed all the trails here to keep the general overview simple, but remember, we don't need MORE trails. There are plenty. Let's take care of those that exist and try not to lose them to other usage as we have already lost the horse trail area.