Deep Creek Mt Bike Trail 

 What:  Beautiful view, great single-track trail, for advanced riders as it is rough and rocky. This trail goes all the way down to Nine Mile Falls at the Spokane River and can be connected with other trails easily. It connects with the Pine Bluff trail called Stick in the Eye right above the switchback. Stay to the right to come out just north of Deep Creek connection with the Spokane River. The first time I rode this, it was way foggy, and flocks of geese were honking overhead. About half way down there is a trail junction with a place to pull out and munch some carbos with a view of the Deep Creek canyon that knocked my eyes out. Condensed fog dripping off the helmet & cobwebs in the tall trees growing from the canyon bottom right up above my head so old. Very rewarding, but if I wouldn't have stopped here for rest I would have missed it for watching for steering around all the rocks. Next spring I will get a picture of this for this web page. See added benefits of this trail at: Deep Creek hike;
 Where:  From Division, go west on Francis to 7 Mile Road. Turn left on 7 Mile and drive a mile or two, and over Deep Creek. Take a right at Pine Bluff Road, 
47 44' 597" W 117 33' 439" and immediately turn right into the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Park here, and take your bike up the hill, over Coulee Creek. Keep a watch out for a hard-to-spot trail on the right, leading up the hill. 
N 47 44'
665" W 117 33' 742" There is a trail post, indicating that this is a shared access trail. Many of these trails are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young inexperienced children along on this one as it is too rough for the inexperienced. This trail is very hard for me and my wife who was brave enough to come with me once, pushed her bike almost all the way. Topological Map
 Cautions:  Very rocky trail demands your attention. Be skillful with clipless pedals here, and watch for coming around a tight corner to find a large log across the trail.