Riverside State Park Cross Country

 What:  CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES: Mountain Bike or hike from the top of Doomsday hill to the Bowl & Pitcher. A very nice Mt bike ride. Can be combined with trails near Bowl & Pitcher, and all the way to Nine Mile Falls for 10 - 20 mile loops.
 Where:  Begin at the top of Doomsday Hill or at T.J. Meenach Bridge. Cross the bridge to the west side and immediately take the trail downhill. Verge to the right and take the single-track dirt trail instead of the paved centennial trail. This trail continues past an old homestead remains which is a nice rest stop. Continue on over the Secret Army installation. Now you connect with a paved road and head up to a connection with the Centennial trail. Take a right on the Centennial trail and follow it to Aubrey Parkway a paved road. Follow that road to the parking circle at cliff top. Go down the road at the circle's other end, but be ready to stop and make a right turn on a trail with a sign after the cement block shed. Take this beautiful trail down the cliff cautiously and with great balance or walk it. At the bottom of the cliff, take a right turn and quickly you will arrive at Bowl & Pitcher. Have someone pick you up at the park here, or just rest awhile and ride the road back to town.
 Cautions:  This ride is about 6 miles long with all its zig zagging and thus you should plan somewhat especially the first trip. You will be going through a very muddy section which can be ridden through by most, but one does fall here also. Suddenly you will hit steep, narrow trails of deep gravel/sand composition, screeching halt. Watch for horses coming around a corner once in a while and stop and make lots of room for them. Always watch for hikers on the Centennial Trail and give them right of way also. The park rangers would really appreciate it if you would not create any new trails. Upon descending the cliff, don't worry that you might fall off the cliff at all. Worry upon descending the cliff about losing your balance and landing on sharp rocks. Generally I consider this trail very safe. Finally this is one trail where I would bring young inexperienced children teaching them about how to hike-a-bike at the right times. Five miles is probably too long for most children, but just plan on turning around and going back to your vehicle or home once the children become tired.
 List:  At least one bottle of water. Bring a patch kit or a new inner tube. Tools. Maybe a camera. Maybe a book listing plants by picture color, for naming hundreds of plants. Do not bring a metal detector as you will be ejected by the Rangers. A picnic lunch.