Mt Kit Carson
Mt Bike around the peak & paradise ridge 

 What: This ride is to the top of Mt Kit Carson and then down to Paradise Ridge and then it loops back to the Big Mt Kit Carson sign and the pit toilet. Once reaching the jumble of boulders at the scenic top, back track about 20 feet and searching for the left turn track leading down to Paradise Ridge. You can't get lost here as there is only one trail except for a right turn before you get out onto the ridge. This right turn is the route back down the mountain to return to the pit toilet area.
 Where:  Use directions for Mt Kit Carson under MtKitCarson.
 Cautions:  In summer, the vegetation might be so dense that riding paradise ridge might be difficult. Many of these trails are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young unexperienced children along.
 List:  Bring a picnic, to eat out on Paradise Ridge.