Mt Kit Carson
Mt Bike down the peak on single track 

 What:  Have someone drop bikes off at the higher of the two gates to the two-rut dirt road that runs around the top of Mt. Kit Carson. Ride downhill about 1/2 mile to the large Mt. Kit Carson sign. To the left of the pit toilet there is a trail that pretty much goes straight down the mountain. Very much fun for about 20 minutes straight until you come across the lower part of the mountain circling road again where you turn left and immediately meet the paved road at the lower gate. You should have your ride awaiting here. If you don't have a ride, just ride your bike back up the hills to your car at the first gate. If you want to go further, turn right on the road instead of left and find a trail continuing on down to the Lodge.
 Where:   Use directions for Mt Kit Carson under Mount Kit Carson.
 Cautions:  This is not a ride for a Mt. bike beginner because of the steepness, logs, streams, etc. It was hard for me to get my feet in the clips or clipless pedals here when I was just beginning with them. This trail is too steep and/or rocky to bring young unexperienced children along.