Mt bike from ORV area to Bowl & Pitcher

 What:  This is an interesting ride in that one can take different routes each time you do it. There is a military reservation out here, but just try to avoid it you won't be shot riding through it. If you keep veering right at each turn you will probably shorten the ride which could last from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. The ride is about 5-6 miles in length. I was impressed with the size of Riverside State Park here. This park has more rangers than Mt. Spokane because so many people come into it from the city.
 Where:   Method#1: Get a ride to T.J.Meenach bridge going west over it and down to Government Way and take a right turn there and drive north until the road turns into Trail Road. Stay on Trail Road until you have climbed to the top of the basalt cliffs and keep going until you can take a right turn on a road named Old Trail Road. Go down this road for a few miles past a rock quarry to a state park sign at a small parking lot. This is fire-gate 23. You could go down this road right, but I like the next gates better. There is a gravel road here that goes downhill towards Bowl & Pitcher. I have been assured by rangers that this road is open to us mountain bikers. This starting place allows lots of decisions, but all lead to the river where you can pick up the Centennial Trail, or other trails back south to Bowl & Pitcher. Go further to fire-gate 24 for my favorite ride. 
N 47 43' 759" W 117 32' 404" There are lots of trails going off that are interesting, but I will here describe my favorite. Follow the cliff double-track until you see a trail that dips down and immediately back up to another d-track. Take the dip to the d-track and follow it and keep taking roads to the left so to stay on the cliff edge which is a nice view, but don't take any left handers that go down the hill until you see a nice single-track trail going directly down to the left. Across the d-track you are on from the s-track see the tree with white marker paint directing you. (We might as well use the sign now that someone has decided to paint the tree) (Don't paint the trees). This trail arcs down quickly for quite a ways. Be careful. At this point, keep to the right as much as possible. You will come to a hill which you will have to climb straight up, then straight down on nice s-track. Lots of s-track now through the burnt forest, and if you are lucky you will come out right at the highway and upon crossing it take the s-track down the last cliff right into the Bowl & Pitcher. Method#2: Further down the road is firegate 26 and this is another fun one. 
N 47 43' 861" W 117 32' 484"
 Cautions: This is very easy going on two rut dirt roads. Every once in a while the road quality will degrade into one ridable rut. Some of the trails are very steep going down so that they would be difficult for anyone but an expert. Hike a bike is not a sin. I managed on a sharp downhill to miss the turn and flew over the handle bars, landing on my camelback pack, my favorite. Many of these trails are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young inexperienced children along unless you want to teach them about how to hike-a-bike at the right times.
 List:  Water, tools, first aid, & compass if you need.