Mount Spokane
Spirit Lake trail

The trail begins near the top of this...........................and ends at the lake you see below here

 What:  (Advanced) Bicycling this is ecstasy mainly, although I suppose you could make a heck of a hike with camping out of this as it is beautiful, very private, and full of fresh water. This is probably the most fun mountain bike ride I have ever taken, even though I was sorely prepared as I was told it was a half hour ride and it turned out to be a full 2 1/2 hours of non-stop riding at an average of 6 miles/hour downhill mostly. Be prepared for one heck of a trip though it is mostly downhill, and I wouldn't take anyone along on this one unless they are fairly inspired regarding bike trips as it might be too much for the uninitiated.
 Where:  These instructions such as they are, are much better than anything we had, but follow them carefully as I would really not like to get lost out here. Go up the road to the Mount Spokane State Park. When you arrive at the intersection where you would turn left to go to the mountain top, or take an unpaved right turn to the cross country skiing or bicycle trails, travel straight on about a mile to the Restaurant called Grissies. At the parking lot for this you will see a two rut road of white sand going steeply down. This is the beginning of a very fun trail. Stay on the main trail. Always take a left turn when the 2 paths seem equal in width/quality/etc. Do not take the right hand turn going over a cement bridge as this probably goes to private farming property.
 Cautions: This trip will be hard on your chain. Be ready for many stream crossings, and do not wear shoes that do not like mud. Do not be caught short of water on this trail. Be ready to come around a corner and hit a patch of mud that yanks you to a stop and buries your wheels up to the axles in mud, although this was in spring of a very wet year. Do not bring young inexperienced children along on this.
 List:  Most of all have some great buddy take a car to the Silver beach take out. Bring money for drinks at Silver Beach and maybe paying them for day use as it is private. Bring what you need to swim in at Silver beach after a hot run since this trip is not possible in winter I would imagine. Bring plenty of water, at least two bike bottles. Bring a water filter if possible since you follow a great stream all the way to the lake. Take tubes, tools. (my seat came loose from all the bumping for example) Definitely first aid kit since this is fairly remote.