Pike Place Market


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 What:  This is mostly an outdoor shopping experience for high quality fish, vegetables, fruit, breads, flowers, art, magazines, antiques, grocery items. I like the grocery store with 50 kinds of olive oil. They can actually discuss the different values of the oils with you and help you purchase the proper type. 7 days a week, morning to about 6pm. There are some interesting restaurants to eat in and views of the Sound.

 Where:  This is a four hour drive from Spokane on I-90 all the way until you get near the city center, take I5 north and exit at James or nearby exits. Go downhill to the water and then go north to Pine and second street. If you get lost getting there the first time you will see some interesting things either in China Town or Pioneer Square. Drive around the area looking for a parking place, but if you don't find one pay for parking right across from the entrance which is very handy.