Ponderosa Pine Trees  

Ponderosa Pine also called yellow pine:

Form: A large tree with an irregular crown, eventually developing a flat top or short conical crown. Ponderosa pine self-prunes well and develops a clear bole. Can reach up to 150 feet high. Because it is drought resistant, heat tolerant, and very hardy, it is one of the most important of our native ornamental evergreens.

Bark: Very dark (nearly black) on young trees, developing cinnamon-colored plates and deep furrows.
Leaf: Evergreen, 5 to 10 inches long, with three (sometimes 2) tough, yellow-green needles per fascicle. When crushed, needles have a turpentine odor sometimes reminiscent of citrus. Flower: Monoecious, males yellow-red, cylindrical, in clusters near ends of branches; females reddish at branch tips. Fruit: Cones are ovoid, 3 to 6 inches long, sessile, red-brown in color, armed with a slender prickle. Maturing August to September. Twig: Stout, orange in color, turning black. Buds often covered with resin.

Artists have been known to climb these trees during a storm or good wind and listen to the song of the long needles. Try it sometime, but be careful with your climbing. You may need a climbing belt since there are few branches near the ground.