Riblet Mansion

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 What:  "Nothing has been invented that cannot be improved." R.N.Riblet

Sitting atop a 425' cliff overlooking the Spokane River is the former mansion of Royal Riblet the inventor & Spokane legend. So novel was it that a movie newsreel featured it in 1924 along with several magazine articles. For 32 years the only way to reach the mansion was via an electric tramway operating on a 1600-foot cable across th river. He often fished in the river from the tram. In 1925, Riblet, a tramway design engineer and bicycle racer champion began building his mansion He named his mansion "Eagle's Nest" and over the next 5 years, he carved a swimming pool out of the rock, built a stone pavilion, and a croquet court that he'd turn to a skating rink in winter amongst other projects. This mansion was the most electrified home in the United States in 1924. It had an electric heating system and a refrigerator. His mail was brought in from the road by an electric train. At one time he held every bicycle racing title in South Dakota including the quarter mile, the half mile, one mile, and the five mile. He invented many things including trams, movable scaffolds, tractor wheels, efficient pattern sprinkler, mechanical parking garage, the lexington car, and a book with detailed info may be purchased at the wine tasting room. There is also an Indian story about the peak, called Myrtle Peak. An Indian maiden named Myrtle jumped off the cliff to avoid marrying a man she didn't want. Many people bring picnics up here as the grounds are so large and interesting it is very easy to find your own special private niche. The winery welcomes visitors. We were not disturbed by anyone here as the only employees we saw were busy selling wine in the tasting room. Visit the eagle's nest seen above. It is obvious that a genius lived here, but the pictures of him surprised me in how young and simple he looked. He came from a close knit family. This site was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1979. Open daily 12-5. more and more about Arbor Crest wines and Riblet history.

 Where:  Find Upriver Drive on a city map and go east on it to around Pines exit and I-90 then use map. 4705 N Fruithill Road, Spokane, WA  99207; 509 927 9463;

 Cautions:  Do not bring children as no one under 21 is allowed on the grounds.

 List:  Water, binoculars, picnic. Email Us