Rockart Etiquette, Rules, and Law 

1.) Pictographs and petroglyphs on public lands are considered sacred historical artifacts and their theft, destruction or alteration violates federal law. 

2.) Do not touch rock art, since oils from fingers can damage pigments that may be thousands of years old. 

3.) Taking rubbings of petroglyphs, making block prints of pictographs, or using chalk to highlight images has damaged many rock art sites. TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH INSTEAD. Leave no trace of your visit.

4.) Defacing or damaging petroglyphs, pictographs, caves, or caverns is a class 2 misdemeanor. Defacing or damaging includes:

A) breaks, breaks off, cracks, carves upon, writes or otherwise marks upon or in any manner destroys, mutilates, injures, defaces, removes, displaces, mars or harms petroglyphs, pictographs or any natural material found in any cave or cavern.

B) Kills, harms or disturbs plant or animal life found in any cave or cavern, except for safety reasons.

C) Disturbs or alters the natural condition of such petroglyph, pictograph, cave or cavern or takes into a cave or cavern any aerosol or other type of container containing paints, dyes or other coloring agents.

D) Breaks, forces, tampers with, removes or otherwise disturbs a lock, gate, door or other structure or obstruction designed to prevent entrance to a cave or cavern whether or not entrance is gained.