Rockart Theories 

1) Rock art is paintings or engravings on fairly non-portable rocks or boulders. Petroglyphs are usually more formal and the pictographs are more freeform.

2) Most forms are human, animal, or abstract pattern, tally marks or a combination of. Ages range from a few hundred to 12,000 years.

3) To commemorate a successful vison, the supplicant would finger-paint pictographs of the guardian spirit or other dream subjects at the site. Sometimes a circle around a human with other images drawn outside the circle indicate Vision Quest.

4) The linking of pictographs with vision quests was so strong in the northern Columbia Plateau that the presence of paintings was thought to indicate a very sacred place, where powerful spirits dwelt.

5) Patination, see Buffalo Eddy WHAT section.

6) Ideas by Douglas Shoeffler: