Legend for She Who Watches 

She Who Watches has also been called the stone Owl Woman who watches. Indian women have gone to the stone and knelt before it. They would say something like, "You who watch, please look into me and see my problem and help me to solve it."  A ray of light would come down to shine on the stone face then. After the woman goes to her teepee to sleep a dream would come telling her how to deal with the problem. Maybe that woman would go again to the stone and the ray of light would come down again on the stone, and the next dream would give even more detail as to how to solve the problem.

From: Tahmahnaw, The Bridge of the Gods, by Jim Attwell.

The above book tells of the destruction of a great natural bridge over the Columbia at Cascade Locks, Oregon. Today there is a metal man made bridge that is very high and fun to drive over called, The Bridge of the Gods. The Washington side of this bridge stands on remains of the old natural bridge. Click here for more info.