South of Rock Lake


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 What:  This land is all privately owned so these pictures will have to do for now, but one thing you could do to experience some of this beauty is to drive from Spokane on a clear sky day at about an hour and a half before sundown in the very early spring before the grasses turn green to the city of Sprague which is south on I90 about 23 miles. Then go East on Hwy 23 about 23 miles to Ewan to look around at the south end of the lake. Then when the sun begins to drop, drive back the way you came and see the golden sun rays bath the buttes and mesas.

 Where:  The fastest way to get to Rock Lake is to go southwest on I90 from Spokane to the first Cheney exit and go to Cheney and watch after about 4 miles from the exit for a left turn to Turnbull Wildlife Refuge. The road turns into Cheney Plaza, and then into Rock Lake road. Continue on Rock Lake road until coming down a hill to the parking for fishermen at the south end of the lake. Continue on a mile angling to the right to Ewan.