Spokane Rifle Club 

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 What:  Shooting practice with handgun, rifle, or shotgun in the beautiful outdoors right on Spokane river in Riverside State park. Call ahead and make sure there is no shooting event going on and then even non-members can shoot there.
 Where: From Riverside park entrance to camping go north along the river until you have just passed the rapids at dragon's toenails and then look on the left for the entrance. N 47 42.997' W 117 30.51'
 Cautions:  Ask for rules and procedures as there is always a manager on hand.
 List:  Bring a bag with handles filled with guns, ammunition, eye/ear protection, baseball type cap for flying shells, 1st aid kit, targets, stapler/tape, rests front/rear, cleaning gear, pliers, hammer, punches, knife, notebook, pen, spotting scope/binoculars, emergency cash, membership card, water bottle. (I've never been this prepared, but if you want to be prepared this is a good list)