Spokane Statistics

Within one hours drive from downtown Spokane:
Lakes: 76
Rivers: 4
State Parks: 5
National Forests: 2
Main Mountains: on north Selkirks, on west Cascades, on east Rockies, on south Blue Mountains.
Main environ signatures: Ponderosa Pine, Basalt lava flows, glacial flooding erosion, zone5.
Miles of maintained trails: 1600
Indian/Calvary battlefields: 2
Indian Reservations: 3
Major Powwows: 4
Ski Resorts: 13
Spokane Outdoors Sites: 50
Golf Courses: 32
Disc Golf Courses: 3

Other Spokane Stats:
---A high-desert area in foothills of many mountain systems with 260 days of sunshine per year and less than 17 inches of annual precipitation.
---Ranked No. 14 on the American Association of Retired Person's "15 Top Dream Towns" nationwide where retiredment-minded baby boomers can 'reinvent' themselves.
---Has the second-best summer weather in the nation, according to CustomWeather's Top 10 Cities With the Best Summer Climate list .
---A thriving high-tech sector with many large companies, such as Agilent Technologies, Alcatel, Getronics, Itron, Telect, World Wide Packets, Itronix, F5 Networks, and Honeywell.
---A world-class telecommunications infrastructure with more miles of fiber per capita than any other area in the world.
---Average 20-minute commute.
---Population: 200,000

Washington State:
Bird: American Goldfinch
Fish: Steelhead Trout
Flower: Rhodedendron
Fruit: Apple
Gem: Petrified Wood
Grass: Bluebunch Wheatgrass
Insect: Green Darner Dragonfly
Nickname: Evergreen State
Tree: Western Hemlock