Steptoe Butte 

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You approach through a large field.

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You seem to climb forever, around and around.

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You view 200 miles from the top on a clear day, and it resembles a stormy sea.

 What:  Steptoe Battlefield Photos   An old mountain of pink granite was buried in lava and the silt of floods. Erosion revealed 1,000 feet of its top again. Its total elevation is 3,612 feet.  The butte was used as a reconnaissance point by the US troops of Colonel E.J. Steptoe and was thereby named after the Colonel himself. General Steptoe lost a battle with the local Indians and his career at nearby battlefield monument at site of battle in Rosalia (a good picnic spot with good view of surrounding area). Now all similar geological features are called steptoes. Children seem to love this trip. Bird watching, hang-gliding, paragliding, remote/control flying machines, hiking, picnicking, & great views. There used to be a large Hotel at the top that people came to from far away to party at. Imagine the horses riding up the long rough spiral road in the dark hearing the parties going on hoping to arrive there soon.  The hotel was owned by Cashup Davis a local farmer that was famous for his farm's productivity, but mainly for always paying cash. See the grain elevator off the freeway with the huge letters on it, "CASHUP". There is a 3 1/2 mile road to the top of the butte. An interpretive sign is located there. There is a small picnic area (with a few barbeque grates) and two vault toilets. The towers at the top are microwave.Virgil Mcroskey, a friend of Cashup bought the Steptoe Butte and McCroskey State Park for the state so people could enjoy it forever.  More details  Native American history: Cashup Davis history: 
 Where:  Look on a map south of Spokane about 40 miles. You can take back roads or the Hwy to Pullman which has signs to Steptoe and the battlefield. The park is approximately 30 miles from Pullman on the road between Colfax and Oakesdale.   N 47 01.956' W 117 17.785
 Cautions:  Always seems to take longer to drive than you would expect. There is no water available.
 List:  Water, food, binoculars, & camera. Bring your bike and fly down the circular downhill.