9-Mile Mt Bike trail

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 What:  Some of the best singletrack in near town withoutgoing to Mt. Spokane. It takes about 20 minutes to get from top to bottom and over to theparking lot. It is beautiful to look down into deep creek as it nears its entryinto the Spokane River. Be careful on this run as non-expert riders can getgoing too fast to stop and then hit a root or log or rock.

 Where:  Take Francis west all the way to seven mile andtake a left onto seven mile road. Drive uphill quite a ways until you cross a bridge goingover Deep creek. Then look immediately for Pine Bluff road on the right. N 47 44' 597" W 117 33' 439" Take this to the top ofPine bluff until you see iron gated fire roads saying, Emergency vehicles only,#17. N 47 45' 411" W 117 33' 534" Find a place to parkthat does not block this gate and ride towards the cliff edge where you will see a greattrail going downhill with a vengeance. There is more than one trail here. Do not createnew trails here as we will lose rights if that occurs. Topological Map

 Cautions:  Look out for the switchback on the cliff that isabout 1/2 way down. If you can't make the switchback (like I can't when I am tired) youcould fly over a nontrivial precipice. Also, if you don't want to ride back up after goingdown, you will need a car at the bottom of Pine bluff where there is a Centennial Trailparking lot circle like the circles at 7-mile and above Bowl & Pitcher. From Sevenmile take Pine bluff to the top of the bluff and then continue on until reaching thisparking lot at the bottom of Pine bluff's other side. This road might not be safe whenfrosty so go slow. Do not create new trails here or we may lose all access in the future.Many of these trails are steep and/or rocky so I would not bring young inexperiencedchildren along unless you want to teach them about how to hike-a-bike at the right times.If you take one left too many you will be going back up the hill which you might want, butif your car is waiting at bottom you will need to turn around. If you take one turn toomany to the right, you will come out at the river which is very fun but you will have togo left at the river to get back to parking lot. Steep trails with downed logsand rocks make this one dangerous if you are not cautious. If you get lost godown to the river to refind your bearings.

 List:  Bring good bike brakes.Email Us