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Letter from Thomas Sewid: 2/4/2005

 Gilakasla! ( Kwakwala Greetings)

Aboriginal Adventures With Village Island Tours is proud to announce that after 18 years being a cultural tour operator and kayak transporter for the paddling community we have finally made the step into being a kayak tour operator. Weather it be supplying campsites away from the commercial tour operators, or doing your kayak transport aboard our new vessel, The Gla-Lis (Finning Whale), we are prepared to supply all paddlers needs. New for the 2005 season is a fleet of new Current design singles and doubles. These can be rented by the experienced paddler right out in the Orca realm of Blackfish Sound/Johnston Strait. If a guided tour is what you want then our experienced guides are with you 24 hours a day as well as I, aboard the Gla-Lis. This 34 foot aluminum high-speed war canoe allows us to always be within 30 minutes of our clients and guests. This vessel allows our company to supply paddlers with a safety vessel or a transport vessel to get you and your group close to the whales or deep into areas few paddlers ever get to.

This season will see four traditional styled cabins built out of cedar at the edge of the Orca Highway. They will be designed like a traditional bighouse (longhouse) with First Nations design on front, and will ensure people the comforts that my people have had for thousands of years in the Land Of The War Canoe. Seeing as we are situated in a rainforest, and it does rain, blow and fog during our summer, these cabins give visitors that added dry comfort. Best of all they smell and look like the homes of old. Situated at the head of a white shell midden beach at an ancient harvest site you will experience something that has not been tried in generations. Some tour packages have me putting on Kwakwaka'wakw traditional meals at your camp. Salmon barbequing over an open fire with crabs in the pot you will be brought back to a time of our ancestors. On those chilly nights or days the woodstove will make your trip all that much more enjoyable.

Seeing as I own the land, water taxi/transport vessel, am a First Nations legend speaker, and have my own fleet of kayaks, you can arrange, design or book any trip you want. I do arrange times to meet your group at Village Island (MamalaIicolla) and conduct the tour that started it all. I have watched for years how Spokane Outdoors has posted my information and thank this group and its' members for helping me build my operations. A year has not passed where someone has not come to my region to paddle from your area. In the way of our people I must Gilakasla (pass thanks) to all of Spokane Outdoors. If anyone books a kayak transport, kayak trip, or tour aboard Gla-Lis (Aboriginal Orca Adventure) with my operations and shows how they are a part of Spokane Outdoors, I will supply the salmon and other seafood's free during your stay around Compton Island at the north side of Blackfish Sound. Hopefully we will see each other at one of my campsites, and we can enjoy a true First Nations feast around a campfire in The Land Of The War Canoe.

Halla Kas La (go in peace)
Thomas Sewid
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