Jackson Trestle Trail

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 What:  This is a trail with beautiful views ofthe river, but it is for hikers or somewhat advanced bikers. There are dusty andsteep ups and downs. The bridge is of historical interest since the Fort Wrightsoldiers used it to cross over to Natatorium Park to take their leisure. Thetrail from TJ Meenach bridge to Jackson Trestle is very easy and short, and thenyou can look at the Osprey nest that is full pretty much every year on top ofthe structure. This trail is a wild way to get from downtown area to the Bowl& Pitcher area, but you better be in good shape or you will be exhausted bythe time you get there.

 Where:  The mapthat probably got you here pretty much shows how you stay right on the west sideof the river all the way so the where is pretty simple for this except for thedecision whether to go via the cemetary or People's Park. People's Park is notnecessarily a safe or recommended environment for families as it is nudestoriented. You must cross Hangman Creek to get over into the city, so going thecemetary might be preferable.

 Cautions:  I have been notified that there are"NO TRESPASSING" signs up at the north end of this trail again, so youwill have to decide if you want to risk a fine. Why would someone want to blockour access to our beautiful river? They say they have too much liability ifsomeone is injured on their property. The state posts similar signs, but neverfine you if you take the responsibility onto yourself. So I wonder if anyonewill ever be fined. I would appreciate feedback on this.

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