Story of the Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies

By David Govedare, the Sculptor

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A distant rumbling strikes the air. Swirling dust motes reach skyward. A dry breeze dances across desolate lands. Thunderheads build and fingers of light split the sky. A breeze becomes a howling wind. Hear the voice of creation! The Grandfather Spirit sends his message across the plains, echoing through the mountains and valleys of Mother Earth:

"Creatures of this planet, behold, a Great Basket! I send this basket, bearing the gift of life, to all corners of the universe. Now take these ponies, I am cutting them loose. They will inspire a Spirit of free will. They will be a companion for work and play on this planet. This is a way for you to see how all life depends on all other life. This basket is my heart. You are at one with me. Eagle of the sky, we look to you for vision. Salmon of the water, we look to you for life-giving sustenance. Deer of the land, you provide a bountiful tranquility for our Mother Earth.

"From the center of my Basket burns the fire of our collective souls. Humans, you are responsible. You have the power of reasoning and the gift of free will. Use them wisely. Always be aware of the limitless nature of this ever expanding universe. Let us live to inspire each other."

Note: You may have noticed, there is no basket with the horses. That is because the sculpture is unfinished. For information on how you can help raise funding for its completion, call the Thundering Hooves Sculpture Committee: 509-459-0388.